„Provider of accommodation“
Prague University of Economics and Business, nám. W. Churchilla 4, 130 67 Praha 3, IČ 61384399, DIČ CZ61384399, authorized workplace Department for the Administration of Facilities of University of Economics in Prague, with its registered office at Jeseniova 208, 130 00 Prague 3. Provider of accommodation is represented by Managers of dormitories and its authorized personnel.

Building under management of Provider of accommodation, where the Guest is accommodated.

Person, that is interested in accommodation provided by Provider of accommodation.

Accommodated Customer.

Following rules and conditions are valid for all Customers and Guests.

1. Arrival and departure
Customer is obliged to sign in the hotel book. By the moment of signing in he becomes Gueste. For collective accommodation of groups is possible to sign in just the head of the group while in the same time handing over the list of other group members containing their name and surname, date of birth, address of permanent residences and a number of identity cards or passports numbers. By the moment of this singning in, the head of the group and members of the group on the list on become Guest. The head of the group accepts and returns the keys to the rooms and guarantees that all group members will follow the Hotel's accommodation rules. On the day of arrival, Guests have the right to use the room from 14:00. On the day of departure, Guests are required to clear the room until 10.00 am. If Guest fails to follow this rule, the Provider of accommodation is entitled to charge him the extra night's stay. When signing up for a stay, Guests will receive keys of the assigned rooms.

2. Payments 
Payment for accommodation can be paid either in cash or by credit card when moving in or through a tax invoice (invoice) issued by the Provider of accommodation. Accommodation can also be provided based on travel agency vouchers.

3. Key
When leaving the room, each Guest is obliged to turn off the lights, close the windows and doors to the balcony and lock the room. In case of leaving Dormitory, the key must be handed over at the reception. The key from the assigned room will be given to the Guest at the reception of the Dormitory. The Guest is obliged to prove his/her identity by showing identity card or passport upon request.

4. Electrical devices
Guest is not allowed to connect their own electrical devices in Dormitory except personal appliances such as laptopts, hair dryers, shavers, digital cameras, video cameras, cell phones and personal music players.

5. Visits
Visits to the rooms can be accepted from 06:00 to 22:00. Visitors must report themselves at the reception, present their ID card or passport and sign-in in the guestbook.

6. Quiet hours
Quiet hours are set between 22:00 and 6:00 in the morning. Guests are required to keep quiet during these hours.

7. Children
Persons under the age of 10 must be under the supervision of an adult Guest throughout their stay.

8. Responsibility of Guest
The guest is responsible for damage caused to assigned rooms, on the furniture, inventory and equipment. The Guest is obligated to pay the Provider of accommodation the amount required to cover the damage upon request.

9. Responsibility of Provider of accommodation
Provider of accommodation is responsible for damages on items that have been brought by or for accommodated persons, unless the damage occurred otherwise. Brought items meaning goods brought to the rooms which were reserved for accommodation or storage, or which were handed over for this purpose to Provider of accommodation or to one of the Provider of accommodation's employee. To store valuables (eg money, documents, jewelry, etc.), the Client is obliged to use a safe, which is located in each room. Valuable items that cannot be stored in this safe due to the dimensions, the Client can use the hotel reception safe to store them, which will issue the client with a receipt. The hotel is not responsible for the loss of valuables that have not been deposited in this way.

10. Animals
The Guests are not allowed to keep any animals in any part of the Dormitory.

11. Other duties of the Guest
The guest must not move the furniture, equipment or intervene in any way into electrical or other installations in the room or in any part of Dormitory.

12. Violation of hotel accommodation rules
Guest is obliged to follow those Accommodation rules. In case of violation of those rules or violation of the principles of civic coexistence, the Manager of Dormitory has right to cancel accommodation even before the end of agreed period of accommodation with no rights for refund.

13. Contact
Any complaints, wishes, or requirements regarding the Provider of accommodation may be applied during the stay to either the manager of Dormitory or the receptionist of the Dormitory, so that the matter can be dealt with immediately.